Need A Friendship Bracelet? Ask Sarah Dalton

GO TERRIERS Sarah Dalton
Sarah Dalton

Feb. 24, 2009

BOSTON - Sarah Dalton has trouble saying no to a new pair of sneakers, organizes her clutter once in a while, and cannot stand when people are late. "If it's agreed to be there at six, be there at six," Dalton said, shifting slightly in her chair.

Decked out in her Boston University athletics sweats, Dalton joked about her name, "I don't really like the name Sarah, it's boring. That's probably why I have so many nicknames." She then proceeded to list all of the titles she's acquired from friends and family over the years, one particularly strange nickname, Jimmy, topping the list.

While Dalton has several nicknames through friends, the lacrosse world has a whole other set of names for this standout. Inside Lacrosse has called her a name to know, she has the All-American tag and she is on the list as a Tewaaraton Trophy candidate.

Despite all her accomplishments, Dalton is more proud of the team's accolades. Sweeping her hair into a pony tail, she said, "I would much rather the team do well then focus on a few individuals, it's a team effort."

While Dalton dodges questions about her career stats and whether or not she will take home America East Player of the Year for the second straight year, she is quick to talk about her family; her older brother in particular.

Dalton rattled off compliment after compliment for her older brother Erick. However, it was clear that her brother's character is what she loves the most. After suffering a career-ending injury his freshman year of college, he was never allowed to return to the athletic stage, but he had no problem making his mark on the sideline. "He's faced a lot of adversity through his athletic career," said Dalton, who admittedly idolized him when she was younger. "Anything he did, I wanted to do."

Dalton is extremely passionate about her family, and speaks very highly of her siblings and parents. "We're complicated but I love it, there is so much support there, I wouldn't change a thing." Her passion seems to shadow in just about everything she does.



"I am a very outgoing person," said Dalton, "I think sometimes people think I am shy, but I just like to listen and take everything in first." Dalton offered a potential conversation starter for shy individuals: she has had braces three times. "That usually diffuses any awkwardness," smiled Dalton, showing off her flawless grin.

Should there be a shortage of string in the Boston area, Dalton may be the culprit. In her spare time she has been known to sit braiding string, watching One Tree Hill for long periods of time. She is not shy about her love for making friendship bracelets, and will put her wrists on display to show off all of her explosively colorful creations.

In five years, Dalton sees herself living on the beaches of Australia without a care in the world. For right now, though, she is focused on getting her teammates to follow in her footsteps and really make her senior year the pinnacle of her success.

Steph Walker is a senior in COM from Winchester, Mass., and a member of the women's lacrosse team.

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