John Simpson
Sport: Football
Year Graduated: 1950, '54
Year Inducted: 2000

John Simpson was inducted into the Hall of Fame not just for his accomplishments on the football field but also for what he meant to the entire athletic program as the University's athletic director from 1975-84.
John's long-time loyalty and love of his alms mater began over 50 years ago when he matriculated in the fall of 1946 as a 20-year-old Marine Corps veteran.

"Back then the campus wasn't what it is is today," he reminisced. "We were all spread out. The law school was on Beacon Hill. The School of Education was at Copley Square. The business school was on Comm Ave, and the athletic offices were on Newbury Street."
John and his football teammates, most of whom were also military veterans, lived at the old Nickerson Field in Weston. This was long before the Mass. Pike was built.

"They would give us train tickets to come into Copley Square so we could go to class," he said.

The players would take the train back to Weston where they would practice and play their games. Whatever the inconveniences, it must have worked because the football teams during John's four-year career had a combined record of 22-9-1.

While he maintained his close ties to his alma mater after graduation, it was his accomplishments as the University's AD from 1975 through 1984 that are of Hall of Fame calibre.

"I was very proud of what we were able to accomplish while I was the athletic director," John said. " I hired coaches like David Hemery, Joan Benoit, Rick Pitino, Rick Taylor and Carl Adams. We added sports and improved out facilities. But, I am most proud of our bringing women's sports into our intercollegiate program. We were also the first school in the East to offer scholarships for women."

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