Playing by the Rules (PDF) | Trustee Interaction (PDF) | Violations & Enforcement Policy (PDF)

A Guide for Fans and Friends of Boston University Athletics

Have you ever:

  • Been a member of any organization promoting BU Athletics?
  • Made a donation of money, gifts or services to any BU athletics fund?
  • Helped to arrange employment for prospective or current student athletes?
  • Been involved in promoting BU athletics in any way?
  • Been a member of a varsity team at BU?
  • Are you the parent or guardian of a current or former BU student athlete?

If the answer to any of the above is "yes," you are what the NCAA defines as a "Representative of Boston University's Athletics Interests," a designation you retain for life! As a Representative of Athletics Interests, you are bound by NCAA rules regarding your interaction with prospects and student athletes, and Boston University is responsible for your actions. In many cases, the eligibility of a student athlete or prospective student athlete may be affected by what you know or don't know about these rules. Please click on the link above for important information about the Do's and Don'ts of being a Friend of Boston University Athletics.

We operate under the assumption that it is always better to ask the question than to do something that may not be permissible. If you ever have a question about NCAA regulations, please do not hesitate to call the Compliance Office at 617-358-0384 or 617-353-4683.

Thank you for your informed support of Boston University Athletics!

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